I am Dilshan Abeygunawardana and I'm a Serial Venture Capitalist.
also, I am a digital content creator with over 300,000 follower base on Social media.

In my free time, I host few youtube channels and one of sri lanka's top rated podcasts, Dilshan's Thoughts

I love making new stuff. I have made some PC and Android games, painted some art, won about 70 awards, and certificates locally including an e-Swabhimani & internationally.
I also featured on national TV and papers several times too. 

Disrupted Sri Lankan freelancing sector by introducing NFT generation through video tutorials on myHub ( long story, explained on Days of Dilshan vlogs ) and is one of the world's highest ranked NFT freelancers on Fiverr.

That's about it for now. If you want more information, click thourgh the site.See ya around. Peace !


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